Dark of the Moon
Optimus Prima

2011.04.25 (updated 2012.04.23)

With the movie, new toys, and BotCon just around the corner combined with me wanting a new TFW2005 signature image, I thought I'd take a new swing at drawing a movie version of Optimus Prima  :3

As you can see here, the promo stuff for Transformers: Dark of the Moon is showing Prime in a slightly altered design, so I thought I'd do the same for Prima.  Namely, since Optimus Prime is showing off quite the six pack I adjusted Prima's outfit to show off her abs and moved and tweaked the other robot bits accordingly.

Because of all of the complicated little parts and such, I obviously don't draw this version of Prima all that often.  Inking and coloring this was a hassle, but I think it's time well spent since it came out really well.  ^_^

***   *** Update Notes  ***   ***

Almost a year after I did this piece I decided to come back to it.  It's not all that old and I've always been happy with the lines, but the colors always seemed kinda dull to me.  I didn't change the shading any, just the color choices.  I went with much bolder contrasts on the armor to give this a more glossy look and tweaked the hair and skin tone to make them stand out more.  Nothing groundbreaking here, but the changes give the art a bit more pop.  :3

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