The Dark Phoenix


Art therapy works.  It really does  <3

This started as a doodle in response to a really shitty weekend and it turned being a pretty damn bitchin' piece (pun semi-intended) if I do say so myself.

The Dark incarnation of Phoenix has almost always sported some crazy-ass hair, so it gave me a chance to really cut loose.  During the colors I decided to make the hair two-toned to break up the color scheme a bit more.  It gave me a lot more work to do, but I think the piece is better for it.  The inks came out much better than expected so I decided to keep the shading and highlights as simple as possible, making sure the contrasts were kind of stark just enough to accentuate the curves and the pose.  A complicated piece of art does wonders for taking your mind off of trivial crap.

I decided to switch the perspective from portrait to landscape for the final piece.  I wanted a crazy fire background.  It's nothing fancy, but it works.  For the fire I made a clone silouette of Dark Phoenix and colored it in like fire, and then went crazy with blurr effects in a half dozen or so different directions.  :3

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