I've tried drawing Draculaura a couple times, but always screwed up something or another that made me give up.  Maybe I'll post the false starts sometime...I dunno, they're pretty bad.  XD  I think it's mainly because Draculaura's got a petite and slender bodytype that I've never really drawn that well before.

I got this JC Penney version of the doll a week or so ago and really liked the dress and hairstyle she's sporting so I thought I'd try again.  The initial sketch came out pretty well, but I tweaked a couple little things after I scanned the pencils.  Namely I opened up her eyes a bit more and this seemed to turn the whole pic around (I was about to scrap the whole thing up to that point).

I tried to keep the proportions in line with that of the doll and the boxart, but her having such a big head and eyes made her look kinda weird with my art.  So I decided to keep her coloring as simple as possible to give her as much of a cartoon quality as possible.

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