"The cold never bothered me anyway."

I started this right after seeing Frozen for the first time.  Originally it was gonna be a quick cel-shaded piece to pump out a fast piece of fanart.  But you can thank her cloak/cape thingy for the fancier coloring job.  When I was sketching this thing I was like "How the heck am I gonna do all of those transparent layers???"  So I changed my mind before I inked this piece that I wanted to do some crazy colors.  That worked out fine because I got to go crazy with all of the sparkly stuff.  :3

Because I knew I was gonna go really fancy with this I spent more time on the pencils that I usually do.  I went through at least two or three drafts on her hair alone which wasn't a problem since Elsa's hair is A LOT of fun to draw.  It also took a while to get her cloak to flow just the way I wanted and find some hand poses I liked.  I went a little crazy with the textures and the sparkles, but with the bright character on the dark background I think it worked out okay.  I didn't go overboard with the magic effects since I didn't want to block too much of Elsa since I already had her left arm crossing her torso here.

I'm definitely drawing Elsa and Anna again.  Just don't expect it to be this nuts.  Cel-shading is a lot less nerve-racking.  XD

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