I don't know why I'm still calling this a doodle.  It started out as a quick piece for fun and it snowballed into a big fuss super fast.  XD

When I was working on the sketch I threw in some quick shades just to test out the eventual lighting and was like "Holy crap that looks pretty good maybe I'll just post this as it is :O"  After wrestling with that idea for a little while I inked and colored it.  Originally I flatted this with the notion that I would mute the colors later but I got married to the saturated version.  I decided to copy the colors and mute them anyways and ended up liking that too since it brought a cold and icy quality to the whole things.

So I'm sitting here trying to figure out which version to roll with.

Obviously I'm really bad with decision-making.

I ran these by a couple friends for help and they all had their favorites but in the end they also all agreed that they liked both.

Thanks.  Thanks a lot.  XD

In the end I went with what a wise man once said (a wise man by the name of Josh), "Just post both."

As I was about to do that I played with the contrast and came up with a third version which I REALLY like (and it's the version at the top).  It's closest to the art I had in my head all along.  Instead of mulling over which of the three I liked the most I'm posting all three and calling it a day.  :D

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