Battle Queen Elsa
of Arendelle


I started on this after seeing Frozen the...well...I don't remember which time now.  Oh well.  XD

In my stupid fanboy head I thought if Elsa can make a dress out of ice, why not a bad ass suit of armor?  Little details like the cape and skirt changed but the overall idea stayed the same almost all the way through.  I knew I wanted to make the sword blade transparent ice cuz that just looks neat.  Armor like this is fun to draw but hell to ink, so I don't know if I'll be drawing this again anytime soon.  ^_^;

For the colors I sampled a little off of my recent Emma Frost piece, making the armor made of two shades of blue to push the segmented look.  I didn't want to get any crazier than that with the color palette since the design is pretty cluttered as it is.

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