Elsa & Cap


Obviously I like drawing Elsa dressed like MCU Captain America so I thought I'd take my dumb obsession one needless step further and draw the two of them hanging out together.  Nothing awesome or epic like the two of them taking down Thanos or Maleficent or anything like that.  Nope.  Just hanging out.  Because I'm dumb.  XD

This was one of the rare times when I wish I could draw guys better.  I rarely draw dudes, much less dudes with beards.  But Hobo Cap has engulfed my every waking moment lately so I might get more self-imposed practiced in the near future I think.

And since I drew my current favorite Cap I drew Elsa in her Coronation dress from the end of Let It Go because it's also my favorite.  Because this is my art and I'll draw what I want.  So NYAH.  :P

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