This piece has a kinda moody history.  I've been seeing my pictures and such of my ex popping up online a lot lately and it put me in kind of a funk.  But instead of moping around like I usually do when this kind of shit happens I had the urge to create something.

The first idea was to draw Elsa really pissed off, which turned into her flipping a table.  Then I thought it would be cool for her to create a table to flip in a comic or something.  And suddenly I thought "TO HELL WITH IT" and buried my grief into an animation.  This isn't perfect and there are frames that I probably would do differently if I did it over again.  But for something I plowed through in a couple of hours to blow off some steam and take my mind off of things with a funny project so I'm pretty happy with this.

This is a great example of art really being theraputic and I'll take inspiration however I can get it.  ^_^

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