Elsa & Kaori


Face it, this was gonna happen sooner or later.  I actually have some more complicated Elsa and Kaori pics in the works but this one got punched out first because I just wanted to draw Kaori to kill some time.  I didn't really know what exactly to do and my buddy Tracy said to draw her with Elsa and then this happened.  I put Elsa in her coronation dress because it's awesome.  :3

This was a really fast doodle, probably two or three hours tops to finish it.  But it still turned out better than I was thinking it would.  I didn't add any fancy blend effects since the simple cel shading turned out really well.  The pic is far from perfect and there are a lot of little things that I've been thinking of fixing but in the end I just thought I'd leave them be.  I think this is one of those pieces that kinda benefits from the spontaneity of just drawing because I wanted to, y'know, draw.  ^_^

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