No Inks for Me,
I'm Freeeeeee!!!


I'm not that great of an inker so I always lose some of that "oomf" in my sketches when I ink them, so I thought I'd play a bit more with this colored pencil dealy-o.  Surprise, surprise I felt like drawing Elsa and since her sketch turned out pretty darn good I thought I'd use this as a test run.

I scanned the pencils like I usually do and played with the levels a bit, but not too much to avoid the Xerox look.  I cleaned up some of the guides and stray lines but not too much since I wanted to keep as much of my raw pencils around as possible.  I killed as much of the negative space in between the lines as possible and started coloring.  Halfway through I toyed around with coloring the actual pencil lines and the gamble paid off.  This didn't take near as long as I thought it would so I'll definitely be trying this again.  I'm sure there are easier ways to do this (i.e. finally buy a stinkin' tablet) but I'm an old fart set in my ways.  XD

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