Just Elsa


This was actually done as part of a bigger piece I scrapped a little while ago.  I was doing a little bit of cleaning and saw this again.  I thought it held up okay by itself so I touched up the pencils and inked it up.  The funny thing is I was almost finished with the colors when I realized that I hadn't drawn her cape yet.  XD

Because Elsa's cape is transparent I've been tending to draw and ink it after the initial inks are done so I'm not mixing lines up.  In the commotion of salvaging this I just plain forgot.  ^_^;  I took out another board and started drawing in the cape and ended up getting a little crazy (her cape wound up taking up almost an entire 11" x 17" board all by itself  XD).  Because of this I changed the orientation of the piece to make it all about motion and it turned out pretty nice.  :3

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