I actually started this piece over a year ago as a little gift for a friend of mine, but it stayed a sketch because laziness set in or I was distracted by a butterfly or something.  XD

But Erector's underdog nomination in the 2011 Transformers Hall of Fame prompted me to dig up the sketch and finish it! :3

I ended up not being able to find the original paper sketch, so I had to pull up the scan I had of it.  Because I feel more comfortable inking by hand, I opened the sketch up in Photoshop and adjusted the pencils to a blue hue and made a color print to ink off of.  After inking and tweaking, she got splashed with some color.  At first I was going to make her a brunette, but then decided a ginger kid would better match the color scheme.  That and the red hair would be a good call-out to Erector's face.  ^_^

I threw together a quick Erector piece and made this promo art for the election:

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