Feeding Time


This idea came to me while I was watching a friend of mine trying to feeding her five or six hundred cats all at the same time.  When it did, I knew it had to be my next BotCon print.

The poses for each of Soundwave's little buddies came easily enough, my personal favorites being Slugfest and the Beastbox swinging from the zookeeper's arm.  Slugfest was the tape I loved the most as a kid so I had to put him front-and-center, plus his pouty begging look brings a smile to my face every time I look at it.  XD

As a follow-up to my Megatron's Last Supper print from 2010 I wanted to keep bringing the funny.  An added bonus was the great colors I was able to work with to really make this one stand out.  ^_^

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