Felicia of Darkstalkers fame.  Sorry Morrigan, but this gal is who I use when I play the game.  Though, Morrigan would be fun to draw one day... ^_~

I really wanted to draw Felicia because every time I see art of her, it's usually sultry and sexy.  Yes, she's busty and wearing the fuzzy equivalent of Red Sonya's outfit, but anyone who's really played the game knows that Felicia's actually really happy and goofy.  So I worked on this to emphasize that point.  That and it's a cat with string!  WHO DOESN'T LOVE A CAT WITH STRING?!  If you don't, you don't have a soul in my book.  XD

This piece was a little tricky.  I actually drew the figure first and then the yarn on a separate piece of paper.  I did this so I wouldn't get confused on what line was what when separating colors and such in Photoshop.  I then scanned and merged to the two, adjusting here and there until I had this piece all finished up.  ^_^

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