Felicia Hardy


Look her in the eye.



This isn't the first time I've tried more advanced things wtih digital coloring but it's the farthest I've gotten I think.  Originally I was just going to color this in the pseudo-cel-shaded style I usually do but the lines turned out so well I thought I'd try something new (to me ^_^;).  If you look at the pencil and ink stages you'll see that at first I was going to have her laying upsidedown at the "camera."  But since I drew it right side up with the intentions of flipping it later it just didn't look right.  Something I've gotta work on.  :O

If you've spent any time on my site you know how much I bitch and bitch about coloring black things, which is why I don't draw the Black Cat much even though she's my favoritist.  But digitally with all the fancy Photoshop layers I can control all of the highlights and lowlights so I think I might be getting there.  White seems to give me just as much trouble since I still haven't found that shading ratio that still makes it look white and not grey.  Gotta work on that too.  ^_^

Oh, fun fact: I used an Ever After High doll as a lighting reference when coloring Felicia here.  XD

The exaggerated face sculpt and Apple's pale skin tone made it really easy to see how the light hits cheek bones and chins and stuff.


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