Firestar and her Amazing Ass


Firestar as she appeared in the Spider-man and his Amazing Friends cartoon always astounded me.  For a retro show, she really had a nice butt.  No, seriously.  This isn't just me being...well.... me.  She really does have a nicely-drawn ass.  Rumor is that the animators would actually draw her naked and then just rely on the paint process to give her clothes.  It actually makes sense if you think about it.

This piece came about when a friend of mine picked up the DVD set and we started talking about the show (damn you, UK.  I want those DVDs so bad  T_T).  I don't draw many pics from the back, so this was a little tricky for me.  I admit that I over-emphasized her ass a bit, but the pose sells it methinks.  I also drew in more hair "segments" to better accomodate the two-tone coloring style they had in the show.

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