I Knew You


"Defying Gravity" is a great number but I'm more of a "For Good" kind of guy.  I think it's because Wicked came around at a rough patch in my life and helped pull me through.  :D

A few years ago I did a bunch of pieces for some of the numbers and the one for this song was one of my favorites (I've included it below).  It's aged okay and I still like the pose but seeing the musical again rekindled a desire to draw it.  I ditched the crazy fan outfit and went with some simpler threads.  When I started this I got lazy and didn't draw Elphaba's hat because I thought she didn't have it during this number.  Then I looked up some references and saw that she did, in fact, have her hat on so it had to figure out a way to add it in during late in the game since I was already in the middle of shading the colors.  XD

I debated whether to add tears or not to this but in the end thought it would be too much.  Hopefully the expressions and the pose are enough to make this one work.  ^_^

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