Number Four


This is a quick G1 Jazz lady I drew in response to the new 86 Studio Series Jazz figure.  There's a lengthy rant below so if you're just here for the art you can stop at this sentence.  ^_^

The new Jazz figure sports a "14" racing number as opposed to the "4" that the original figure had.  This seems harmless enough but the number 14 could be seen as a refernce to the racist motto of "14 Words."  Hasbro has stated that the "14" is an homage to Jazz's original catalog number since they claim that "4" couldn't be used due to licensing issues.  Again, this could be explained an unfortunately coincidence but three years ago Power of the Primes Jazz had a MAGA logo slapped on him.

Which brings us to the art above.  I along with quite a few friends are pretty upset about this, not gonna lie.  If the PotP Jazz logo was truly an honest oversight wouldn't Hasbro keep a closer eye on what gets printed on figures from there on out?  Especially considering that Jazz was originally voiced by Scatman Crothers, a black man?  To make matters worse, Hasbro seems content to just brush off any concerns.  The justification behind the "14" homage was done in their latest "Fans First" streams had a borderline arrogance to it in my opinion which strongly suggested "well if you don't get it you're just not a True Fan."  I'll also point out that there was no apology offered to anyone who might have been offended by the design change and the subject was closed as quickly as it was brought up.  At the risk of being a tin foil hat conspiricist, both of these controversial design decisions regarding Jazz makes me wonder if there's an agenda Hasbro is trying to push.  Which would be very upsetting considering that their flagship character boasts a personal motto of "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings."

Am I overreacting?  Part of me wishes I was, but all things considered I don't think I am.  At best Hasbro is being smug, and at worst...well...I don't even want to type that out right now.  What I will say is I will not be purchasing the 86 Studio Series Jazz until there's a change.  The current situation notwithstanding, I have issues with times like this, especially now with everything going on in the world, companies and corporations acting like they have their best interests at heart just to make an extra buck.  I know this won't change overnight and that I'm still neck-deep in all of this without buying one more new toy but at the same time they won't be getting my $20 extra bucks from me (wow that's seriously how much deluxes are now :/)

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