So You Want A


First things first, yes this is an actual conversation that took place (from Deviantart no less XD).  I just copied and pasted the text into this and didn't change a thing.

All artists get requests for free art.  Whether they do freebies or only do paid commissions are up to them (I do the latter).  I get my fair share of "requests" and I try to say no with a joke, usually that's enough to deter people.  But sometimes it just doesn't get through, or people think if they throw their idea at me that I'll, I dunno, be so floored by the awesomeness that I'll draw it for the hell of it.  This time it caught me in a wacky mood and I posted the results for all to see.

So if you think that my art isn't worth actually money and stuff that's up to you.  Just be prepared for the very real possibility of me publicly ridiculing you.  XD

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