"Mai" Frontpage Image

(Updated 2016.03.08)

I wanted a fancy image to welcome people to the website, but didn't want to fall back on Optimus Prima or Chelsea like I usually do.  Then I realized that I had never drawn my car/Transformer "Mai" as a lady before.  So voila!  After putting this together, I decided that Mai here would be sort of the mascot for the site.  :3

The pose was trickier than it looks.  I wanted a certain pose, but wanted to make it look natural too.  And a sitting pose rather than standing worked better for the type of image and layout I was going for.  ^_^

*** *** *** *** *** *** ***

When I was updating my landing page art I was gonna stop using this until I realized that it still held up pretty well so I thought I'd update it a little bit and see what happened.  I played with her skin shading and gave her a new face and it's almost like a whole new thing.  I guess I kinda knew what I was doing back then.  XD

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