Queen Mackenzie


I've been wanting to draw Frosta again for a while, and after getting Classics Frosta figure in the mail was just what I needed to do just that.

At first I wanted to draw her in a bad ass action/magic/whatever pose but after half a dozen tries it just wasn't working.  I didn't want to draw something of her just standing there, so I decided to go to the other side of the spectrum and sketched up more of a girly-girl pose.  I decided to go with her cartoon form like the action figure but pushed it even more.  I made the dark blue even deeper and gave her outfit more of a reflective nature when coloring it.

Since her pose is really asymetrical and left a lot of awkward negative space, so I wanted something really interesting for the background.  I started doodling up some ice shards and just went from there.

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