A "COOL" Print!


I knew I wanted to do a Frozen print for con season but it took a while to figure what exactly I wanted to draw.  For a while I stuck with something featuring just Anna and Elsa but couldn't think of a really cool pose or theme.  It all turned around when I thought it would be really cool to have Hans looming in the background and it all rolled into place after that.  I toyed with making this like a movie poster and filling the space at the bottom with the title but then I decided I REALLY wanted to draw Marshmallow with Elsa's crown.  After that I thought I should just draw EVERYBODY I could fit in.  XD

Usually with a big collage piece like this I'll draw everything as separate pics and assemble them in the computer.  But for this Frozen piece I thought I'd risk drawing as much as I could on one sheet so all the characters would look like they all belong together.  The only parts that were added later were the snowflakes on the corners and the ice palace and mountains in the background.  I knew I wanted something on the frame borders but didn't think of the snowflake design until after I had inked the stupid thing and I held off on drawing the mountains until after I started coloring so I could be pretty confident that it wouldn't make the top half look too cluttered.

Everyone's poses came along pretty quickly except for Kristoff.  In the end I sorta cribbed off of a previous sketch I did of him picking his nose.  Sorry, I really like that gag in the movie.  ^_^

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