Fu Inobouzaki


I burned through Yuki Yuna is a Hero last weekend and simply adore Fu.  She's my spirit animal but OH MY GOD I MIGHT NEVER DRAW HER AGAIN.

At first I was like "You're pretty complicated, but you'll be fun to draw."  I was right and she was fun but also HELLA COMPLICATED OH GOD HELP ME.

When I was sketching and then inking almost every piece of her design gave me trouble.  This connecting to that and weird angles and so on and so on.  At first I drew her with her bigass sword but when cleaning up the pencils I changed her pose and eyeline because I decided I didn't want to ink said bigass sword.  Fu's hair especially had me bouncing off the walls and I bothered people continuously bellyaching about it (sorry Abe).  The super funny thing happened after I toiled over the inks on her braids and realized I had drawn them too big.

I almost screamed.

Anyhoo, I'm glad she turned out pretty cute.  Not my best work but it'll have to do because I probably won't draw this outfit again for a looooooong time.

If ever.

Sorry Fu.

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