Targetmaster Elsa


"The 'Cons never bothered me anyway."

I told you I'd come back to this.  ^_^

For my first pass at an Elsa Transformer I went with a biplane alt mode, mostly because it was simple and I really didn't have to design a fancy plane/jet mode.  For this more "all-in" version I thought I'd fast forward to a more G1 season 3 look so I could give myself a little more freedom (and to fudge details  XD).

At first I was gonna draw her jet mode with forward swept wings as an homage to the X-Men's Blackbird but it was looking too much like Cyclonus.  So I erased the tailfins and threw the wings straight out.  With the colors she kinda looks like a Cobra Hurricane but I'm good with that since that's one of the only GI Joe toys I had as a kid.  :3

Her robot mode was tricker than I thought, mostly because I drew her alt mode first and was trying to match parts up as best I could.  Including Olaf as a Targetmaster was a given because Targetmasters are my favorite gimmick and it helped spice the piece up even more.  :D

The next time I draw this I'll probably include a few more panel lines and details and such but so far I'm pretty happy with this whole thing.  ^_______^

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