Galaxy Force
Liger Prima


I've been working on this pic of a Galaxy Force Optimus Prima powered-up with Ligerjack for a few weeks now and thought I'd finish her up for Prima's birthday this year.  I went back and forth for a while on which super mode to draw, Liger Convoy or Wing Convoy.  Liger Convoy won out because while both modes are fun I really dig that giant arm.  :3

While working on this pic I had my Galaxy Force and Cybertron toys around my desk as references, which is completely fine with me since it's still one of my favorite Transformer lines (and Galaxy Convoy/Cybertron Optimus Prime is probably my favorite Prime figures ever ^_^).  I think figuring out her Prima's boots here was the toughest part, and also one of the things I ended up being the happiest with.  The claws were fun too.  I combined the six claws the toy sports with the big hand that forms on the powered-up robot in the show.

Even with that I haven't drawn much Cybertron/Galaxy Force stuff since the designs can be pretty complicated.  I went through my backup drive and dug up as many Cyb/GF pieces from back in the day that I never moved to my website until now and you'll see them below (I hate looking at most of my older stuff and boy oh boy is this stuff bad  XD).  

Also a shout-out to Tom R. for tracking down the Leobreaker girl I did a while ago!  :D

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