Giganta vs Predaking


Here's a big pic I started earlier this year, maybe March...? I can't really remember.  This never got past the pencils because no matter how much I played with it I just couldn't do what I really wanted to do with this pic.  I let it sit for a couple of months and I took it back out again last night and there are still a bunch of problems to be fixed.  Though I don't think it can be salvaged I thought it had a lot going for it to just throw in the trash before at least scanning the thing.  :3

I drew Giganta in her Terry Dodson-designed outfit because I don't think that costume gets enough love.  I really REALLY dig the boots and that's why I drew her stepping on a building so I'd draw attention to it.  Predaking turned out nice too, though one of the main reasons I'm ditching this one is because I dove into the art before deciding on what the hell his pose was gonna be.  This was a cool pic to pencil (though probably not to ink) with all the buildings falling apart and debris everywhere.  :D

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