Harley & Ivy


Before I get the riot act read to me, this was not my idea.  It was my partner-in-crime Mary's brainchild to do a hot Ivy/Harley image, as a DC follow up to my Ms. Marvel/Spider-woman one.  Believe it or not, 90% of the pics I draw of chicks making out are requested by women.

Yeah, I totally love my friends  <3

Mary asked if I could draw classic Ivy here, which was fine by me.  This is the first real time I've ever drawn Harley Quinn and I'm pretty happy with how she turned out.  I pulled her mask off because, well, pigtails are hot.  I left out the makeup too, but kept the black lipstick so you still get that Harley vibe.  I'm actually not a big Harley Quinn fan but I'll totally draw a redhead and a blond in pigtails getting it on.  ^_~

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