Ice Queens


This is a pic I've had bouncing in my head for quite a while now and I finally decided to get off my butt and draw it.  XD

Three of my favorite characters just happen to have ice powers.  Coincidence?

Or maybe it's because the cold never bothered me anyway.

...okay I'll stop.

Aaaaaaaaanyways this was a fun little piece to do, though for whatever reason Frosta gave me the most trouble.  Maybe because I haven't drawn her in a while.  She went through the most changes and you can really see that if you flip through the different stages.  The pattern on Abbey's dress gave me some minor headaches too since I haven't completely figured it out.  In the end I just plotting in a bunch of triangles in different colors.  At first I worried that three different characters from three different art styles would clash a bit when put together but after it was all colored I they work okay.

Maybe because they hang out together like all the time.

Don't argue with me.  They DO.

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