Inktober 2018

October 2018

This year I decided to try and finally keep up with an inked sketch a day for Inktober.  Inking is my least favorite part of drawing so I'm just as surprised as you that I was able to punch out all 31 days.  XD

If you follow me on Instagram (@silaszee) these will look really familiar.  All of these inked pieces are for sale if you'd like to own one for $20 shipped anywhere in the world.  Just shoot me an email if you're interested.  ^_^

I've uploaded all 31 pics as a PDF so it'll be easier to scroll to.  If you'd like to jump to the individual pics I've linked them below:

Day 1:  Coronation Elsa
Day 2:  Jean Grey
Day 3:  Zatanna
Day 4:  Black Canary
Day 5:  Anna
Day 6:  Cammy White
Day 7:  Spider-Gwen
Day 8:  Wonder Woman
Day 9:  Belle
Day 10:  Ariel
Day 11:  Scarlet Witch
Day 12:  Tifa Lockhart
Day 13:  Kaori Miyazono
Day 14:  Storm
Day 15:  Mercy
Day 16:  Rapunzel
Day 17:  Rogue
Day 18:  She-ra
Day 19:  Harley Quinn
Day 20:  Frankie Stein
Day 21:  Princess Peach
Day 22:  Captain Marvel
Day 23:  Snow White
Day 24:  Tracer
Day 25:  Psylocke
Day 26:  Pocahontas
Day 27:  Optimus Prima
Day 28:  Apple White
Day 29:  Bunny Girl
Day 30:  Elsa
Day 31:  Black Cat

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