Toy Fair 2011 kicked off this weekend and Hasbro was there in full force debuting a truckload of toys from Transformers: Dark of the Moon.  A big surprise was Leader Class Ironhide.  For those of you who don't know, that means a BIG ASS IRONHIDE TOY.  <3

Ironhide is hands-down my favorite movie Transformer, so seeing this news amused me to no end.  So of course, I wanted to draw something.  I decided to give my "IronHeidi" design another go since I haven't drawn her in quite some time, and even then I've only put her to paper like twice.  The idea of coloring black areas scared me as usual but the combination of creative and fanboy adrenaline overwhelmed that fear.

When penciling I based the robot bits mostly off of the ROTF "Robot Replicas" Ironhide figure, which is awesome because it's small enough so I can fiddle with it while sketching.  The face actually gave me the most trouble here since I added the scar down her left face leaving it a little asymmetrical.  I tried to leave the pencils as clean as I could since there are a lot of bits to keep track of and I didn't want the inking and cleanup process to be any harder than it needed to be.

For the colors, I stuck more to screen caps of the movie thought I took some obvious liberties to better suit my more simplistic style.  The black lacquer look came out a lot better than I thought it would, so I guess I'm coming out of my "black" phobia when it comes to coloring.  I need to figure out better ways to make the lines stand out more when coloring said black areas, but I'm getting better at it methinks.  ^_^;

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