Iron Pepper


Brad gave me the idea to draw Iron Man after seeing Avengers for the first time but I didn't wanna draw a dude.  Brad was all like "just pretend it's Pepper in the suit" and then it all just clicked.  ^_^

This is a piece that I've been working on over the last two or three weeks.  I would work on it for an hour or so and then let it sit, mostly due to the fact that it was turning out so well that I didn't want to screw it up by rushing into things.  The pencils took about two days to really nail down so the inks came pretty easy (for once).  The colors were tricky since I wanted her ultra glossy and I can't remember how many nights I worked on those but I'm sure it was at least a week.

I dolled it up even more by making it look like a faux Stark ad.  Shout out to Mary for helping me brainstorm the slogan.  :D

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