Poison Ivy


I haven't drawn Pam in a while, so I thought I'd rememdy that over the weekend.  Call me crazy, but ever since they started giving her green skin a lot of artists and such have used that as an excuse to dress her like a slut.  I've always thought that one can be sexy without letting everything just hang out there, and I think Poison Ivy's lost that flair recently.  Because of that beef, I decided that I'd go with more of a classic look here.

I wanted to go back to basics, so simplicity was the name of the game here.  I ditched the entire suit made of leaves and just used them for the trim on the bodice, and gave her some sleek nylons to compliment the gloves and boots.  The pose is standard, but elegant I think.  Originally I had a pretty elaborate background with trees, grass and other plant life.  But I thought it was a little too cluttered and went with a simple gradient instead.  ^_^

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