I usually play as Kitana, but I hate her outfit (thank God for Toys R Us, rite? :3).  Of the MK gurls I think Jade made out the best by far in terms of rebooted outfits so obviously I picked her to draw when the Mortal Kombat art bug hit me.

Originally I was going to be lame and draw her in some pole dancing pose but I decided against it seemed too run-of-the-mill.  Besides, I had drawn the likes of Cheetara and Jessica Rabbit in similar poses and to honest they really didn't do anything for me.

The pencils came together rather nicely, though I struggled a bit with her head and legs.  The pose might be a little static, but that was on purpose since I wanted to focus on a lot of her outfit details like the chains and gauntlets.  It's not the most elaborate piece, though it's a nice practice one for the character since I'm pretty sure I'll be drawing Jade again.  ^_^

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