Go easy on me, okay?  This is my first time drawing her.  ^_^;

I got back from an Orlando vacation the other day and (surprise surprise) felt like drawing some Disney fan art.  An Ariel piece is in the works, but the idea of drawing Jasmine popped into my head yesterday while watching Aladdin.

I think Jasmine's one of those characters that are deceivingly simple-looking.  Even though I was tweaking her towards my own style, it took a lot of tries and re-tries to get her to look like Jasmine.  Her parachute/Hammer pangs (sorry, I don't know the correct term for them) and her hairstyle were the biggest culprits.  In the finished piece, they still aren't perfect but I'm happy with them.  I think I finally got content with her legs when I poofed out her pants even more.  With all of this, do you know what the hardest part of drawing Jasmine is?  Trying to do so WITHOUT getting "A Whole New World" stuck in your head.

Something I failed miserably at.  XD

The proportions and curves I draw are pretty extreme compared to her animated standards, but I decided to tone down her bust measurements a little from my usual fare.  I wanted a sultry figure here, but found out that it would be too easy to make her look slutty with the way her outfit is cut.  Looking back I probably could have done with even less cleavage in the pic.  It's something I'll try to remember the next time I draw Jasmine.

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