Jem is Her Name!


Jem is one of those characters I'm always asked to draw, and most of those requests come from guys.  I was kicking around ideas for new TFcon 2012 prints and Jem seemed like a really cool idea.  That and it was just a fun, bright and happy piece to work on.  :3

Pop stars like to point.  I'm not sure why, but they do.  I guess it rubs off because a pointing pose was what this started as from the get-go.  If you look closely at the pencils you can see that originally I had her body turned the other way.  I snubbed this idea because she seemed to closed off and I found that opening up the view of her upper body made the pic seem more energetic.  And the hair...what can I say?  Big ass pink cotton candy hair?  Yeah, that shit's fun to draw and color.

To top it off I threw in some shadows and a bunch of sparkles to 1980's this sucker up.

Yeah.  I need to draw Jem and the Holograms more often.  XD


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