Geeking Out for
Jennifer Hale


Last weekend I got to meet Jennifer Hale and I put this piece together as a gift for the BEST VOICE ACTOR EVER.

Yeah.  That's what I said.  COME AT ME BRO.

I honestly never thought I'd be able to go to a convention that she would be at (thanks MomoCon!) but I've had this idea in my head just in case the opportunity presented itself.  I like to get stuff signed as a souvenir but I also like to draw something for the people I meet as a thanks for all the hard work and entertainment they've brought to my dorky little life.  And this being Jennifer FUCKING Hale, that means Silas has to bring his A-Game.

Since this was going to hang on my wall, I needed this to be as timeless as possible.  I.E., something that I wouldn't self-criticize TOO much.  So I decided that it would sport a traditional cel-animated look pretty early on.  Jennifer Hale's voice roster is crazy long and narrowing down my favorites wasn't easy.  I got lucky when I changed the layout a little bit in Photoshop so I added in Julia Carpenter Spider-Woman, a la the Iron Man 90's cartoon.

As far as the art goes, I stuck with the respective show/game styles a bit but wanted this to be my spin on the characters.  Especially with The Black Cat, who's obviously my fav.  On her I went the most off-model bringing in more current design cues on her costume and drawing her face and hair in my regular style.  I kept the 90's cartoon mask, though.  That mask kicks ass.  :3 

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