Jessica Drew


A pic for my brother-from-another-mother Brad.  <3

I heart Julia Carpenter Spider-Woman and Brad hearts Jessica Drew.  Even with our stark division of loyalties, we somehow still get along swimmingly.

I've only drawn this version of Spider-Woman once before (also for Brad, surprise surprise XD) and the outfit is deceivingly simple-looking.  I'm still having problems with faces under masks but here I think she turned out okay.  At least better than I usually fare anyways.  A keen eye will notice that Jessica's left foot is missing in the pencil scan here.  That's because I misjudged the pose and drew that leg off the paper.  Yeah, I know.  I'm awesome like that.  XD  I added in the foot digitally after cleaning up the inks and she's all better now.  :3

Usually I see her outfit colored in more of a matte style, but Silas likes shiny and that's what he's gonna do!  I'm happy with how it turned out on Spider-woman here 'cuz it gives the suit a kind of PVC look.  I was going to do some fancy highlight work on her hair but after coloring in the lines and flats I thought this worked much better since she's got that raven black hair going on.

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