"Let's Roll"


Whatever you might say or think about Revenge of the Fallen, you have to admit "Jet-Powered" Optimus Prime was pretty damn cool.  :3

So obviously I had to draw an Optimus Prima version.  I searched but I don't seem to have copies of the original pencils or inks, which is a shame because I wanted you to see how intricate the lineart is compared to my usual fare.  Normally I tend to cheat details with colors or shading, but I figured I couldn't get away with that in this case.

I'm REALLY proud of this piece.  First off, I'm scared to death when it comes to coloring black or really dark areas.  That and this artwork had tons of details, even after I dumbed down the movie design to fit my style.  Regardless, this piece turned out way better than expected.  I ended up leaving the black SR-71 parts to color last, not just because I was afraid of coloring them but so I could better identify the rest of the puzzle pieces without having a big dark mass in my way.  Speaking of color, I'm really happy with how all the contrasting colors worked together here, including the background.  I put a kind of border shade on the background so I'd have an excuse to do some light shards to make the main figure stand out.  ^_^

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