Julia Carpenter


I've tried my hand at drawing a Julia Carpenter Spider-woman before with mixed success.  The art would turn out okay,but there would be something "off" that would bug the hell out of me (more than usual).  I had that moment recently where I wanted to draw something but didn't know who, and Julia popped into my head again since I've been watching the 90's Iron Man cartoon and I OMG LESS THAN THREE Jennifer Hale.  For serious.

As you can see from the pencils, I wrestled around with the pose quite a bit until I got a stuck-to-the-wall look I wanted.  At first I had her hands grabbing the wall but thought she looked a little too defensive and timid so I changed them around and played with her feet for a more "ready to pounce" look.

The colors on the figure itself are out of the ordinary for me here.  Black/dark areas scare the heck out of me as you probably know from me rambling on in past pieces, so I decided to use a more gradient-based style I've been playing around with.  I've got more than a few kinks to work out before I'm really relaxed with this style, especially with the hair, but right now I'm pleasantly surprised with how this turned out.  ^_^

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