Sailor Jupiter


Hot damn, I love this piece.  I need to draw crazy lightning more often.  XD

Actually, I still get messages asking me how I did the lightning here.  It really isn't fancy at all (in fact, it's probably very low-tech).  I drew out the shape of the bolts out in Photoshop, all colored white.  Then I added a bright blue outer glow and then played with the Gaussian Blur and Transparency settings until I got a contrast that I liked.  ^_^

Sailor Jupiter (obviously) is my favorite Sailor Scout, and I wanted my first piece of her as badass as I could possibly muster.  I've actually tried drawing Sailor Moon characters before, but they always ended up looking strange because for the most part Anime proportions and my art don't mix.  Because their outfits rely so heavily on that body style, my fanart just ended up looking weird.  SO here I adjusted the outfit to match my pen better and it ended up working.

As you can see on my DeviantArt gallery, I tried to follow-up with other Scouts after finishing Jupiter here.  They turned out pretty good but I realized that I was just rehashing the first piece over and over so wasn't getting hear the same result.  They're still okay, but Lita here is still my favorite by far.

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