"We Need More Teeth"


Chris Pratt being a Raptor Wrangler in Jurassic World is all the rage but nobody told me that Bryce Dallas Howard is a FUCKING T-REX WRANGLER OH MY GOD.  :OOO

I just saw the movie yesterday and I knew I wanted to draw this when the credits rolled.  I had more of a medium shot of Claire in mind when I first started but then I thought a full-figure pic of her and turning her a bit would be more dramatic.  After running this by some friends of mine I went with plan B.  :D

Inking and coloring this was tricky since I don't draw dinosaurs much nor do I do "shadow-y" pics all that often.  There isn't an ink stage because it's honestly a mess  XD.  The T-Rex inks are actually the pencil stage with the darkness dumped way down and cleaned up since my inking style wasn't quite up to snuff.  I took a couple passes at the colors and to get the effect I wanted and in the end I literally turned the lights off in my room so I could properly get the contrasts right.

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