Go, Kagome! GO!!!


I was doodling Kagome from Inuyasha (badly) for whatever reason and my sketches got goofier and goofier until I hit this stupid idea.  XD  Apparently goofiness loves company cuz once I showed the doodles to my buddies Vanessa and Tracy they egged me on to do a full color version.  Weirdos.  :3

My Kagome is passable but reminds me why I don't draw Anime shit because my Anime shit turns out to be...well...shit.  Though when I shrink the art down like I did for this pic it looks okay.

Yes, I realize that this pun relies on using the English pronunciation of "Kagome" rather than the Japanese pronunciation.  I am a terrible nerd, I have come to terms with this failing and hope you can find it in your heart to forgive this shortcoming.  :O  

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