Kaori Miyazono


I started Your Lie in April a few days ago and OH MY GOD WHY AM I ABOUT TO CRY OVER AN ANIME I BINGE-WATCHED ON NETFLIX???  TT__TT


So yeah, I'm a fan.  And yeah, that means fan art.

I worked on this sketch while starting the series again (yes, I apparently enjoy pain) and after a day or two I ended up wtih something I really liked.  I scanned it in and started inks on Kaori but felt the lines I was drawing just weren't cutting it.  If you know me I don't like inking and I especially don't like inking when it takes that "flavor" out of the pencils.  And that emotion and energy was something I definitely did not want to lose in this pic so I decided to trash the inks and work right off the pencils.

Cleaning up the sketch and picking what to keep and what to erase was tough but for me it's a lot more fun than inking.  It also helped a lot in coloring because even though I didn't plan for this the extra lines and smudges help a lot with shading and highlighting.  The messy lines also seemed to boost the glow effect I was going for when I put a lot of the highlight layers on top of the pencil layer.

I try to be humble with my art, but I think the result is a new personal best.  One I don't think I'm gonna be topping for a while.  :O

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