"Almost Ready."


Drawing a bunch of Kaori art this month I wanted to draw her concert gown again.  I had this idea since I didn't want to draw her just standing there, that and I like her pink shoes.  :3

Like the pic of her before I had trouble deciding what to do for the negative space so I decided to just draw a background so I wouldn't have to worry about what color to put behind her (DUH).  XD  If you go through the different stages of this piece it went through quite a few changes, namely Kaori's dress  At first I drew a slit in her dress since I wasn't sure how to draw  the skirt dropping in this pose, but later I tried my hand at drawing it without the slit and it turned out okay I think.  :O

All-in-all I'm pretty happy with how this came out.  It more or less ended up being what I had in my head, which is a pretty rare thing for me.  ^_^;

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