Kaori Ink


Here's a quick Kaori doodle I started last night to help blow off some steam.  Since I liked the sketch so much I threw on some quick inks with a Sharpie so I wouldn't be tempted to do really precise inks.  It's really rough but it still keeps most of what I liked about the pencils (I did the inks so fast I didn't worry about capturing the sketch stage  XD).  I haven't really done real pen-and-paper inks for quite some time and this ended up being a dry run for another Kaori and Kousei pic I'm working on that I want to traditionally ink.  :3

I usually do some digital cleanup on the inks after I scan them in for coloring but I didn't here.  I think the messy quality adds to the flavor here.  I made sure the colors were simple, I shaded it with a brush instead of blocking it in to match the fast-and-loose inks as best I could.  I wanted to make sure the coloring was as no-frills as I could get since the lines are the star of this one.  ^_^

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