Traditionally Inked


Big surprise, a Kaori sketch I started that I ended up finishing.  ^_^;

The sketch was nice and big enough on the page to ink (I'm not good at traditionally inking really tiny, fine lines).  I've been making an effort to ink on paper as much as I can to stay in practice (even though inks have to be my least favorite part of drawing).  Though I'm praticing my digital inks to look not so static and sterile I have to admit there's something more "lively" about doing what I can on paper before hitting the computer.  :O

I went a little overboard with the wrinkles on the jacket sleeves but seeing as I usually forget to draw wrinkles I think it works.  At least it's different, right?  XD  I used a couple color techniques I picked up drawing Macross Delta fan art and I think they really helped.  :D

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