I wanted to draw Kaori and Kousei all badass and I kinda went overboard.  But I think it worked out.  XD  This type of low-angle shot is something I don't draw much so I was surprised how fun the pencil sketch was, as were the inks.  My buddy Tracy has been talking me into inking stuff on paper again as opposed to digitally and I'm glad I did here.  I think the messy lines add to the mood I was going for and I purposely didn't clean or touch up the inks all that much once it was scanned in.

The colors were just as fun and involved a lot of shining a flashlight on Chelsea to see how shadows would throw, but much of it was also just playing it by ear.  I purposely put a ton of unnecessary wrinkles in their clothes (especially on Kousei) so I would have lots options when it came to playing with the lighting.  :3

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