"And you stole
my leggings?!"


If you've seen Your Lie in April this should make sense.

If you haven't, enjoy a pissed-off blond wielding a melodica and a recorder.  :D

I wanted this to look as far away from anime as I could muster so I tried to skew this towards 90's comic books and I thought a good starting point would be that speeding-towards-the-camera-splash-page pose.  XD

I really wanted to draw this dress and it was a lot of fun but coloring it was tricky, probably a lot trickier than it should of been because I'm dumb.  I'm pretty sure I know how they took care of the transparent pink skirt in the anime but I'm not near that good with my color selection so I had to muddle my way through different layer transparencies until I came up with something I liked.  :O

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