Kaori My Way


After my first few Kaori pics I finally decided to try drawing her in my style and not worry about making it look exactly like the anime.  Besides, that's what Kaori would do right?  (OH MY GOD I'M SUCH A PATHETIC NERD I'M SORRY  XDDD)

To no one's surprise I had a lot more fun when I'm not trying to mimic someone else's style.  I think the sense of motion in her pose, namely her hair and tie, work much better and came easier when I decide to just, y'know, draw.  I also think her face looks a lot more like Kaori than my last few pieces when I just draw her in my "default" style.  :O

Colors were pretty simple, though I did take some stylistic cues from the anime when working on her lips and hair and such.  I originally was gonna just throw a flat color behind her but I thought I'd try jazzing it up a bit with some cherry blossoms and a spring sky.  ^_^

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