"Laundered Sheets Dance,
to the Rhythm of the Wind"


I watched this scene like ten times for art research.  Yeah...that's it.  ^_^;

I wanted to draw an homage to this scene near the end of Your lie in April but I couldn't decide which pose and angle I liked better so I drawed both.  :3  I ended up tackling these in almost completely different ways.  The full-body pic on the left came first and was a digital doodle because I wanted to draw Kaori in her PJs and her bear slippers.  I think it was halfway through the inks I thought a better idea would have been to go in closer to Kaori at a lower angle.  At first I didn't start a new sketch because I was so far into working on the full body art and didn't wanna trash it because it was turning out well on it's own so I committed myself to both.  :O

Because it was a closer angle I started the pic on the right on paper and inked it traditionally as opposed to digitally like the first piece.  When it came to the colors I decided that less was more after flats on the full-body pic.  I almost talked myself into just keeping it flatted until I decided shading would help, but VERY sparingly (which is something I almost never think my art looks good in).  The second pic has a lot more shading but I made sure it was to complement the inks and not to push it too far, though the contrasts are a lot harder than the first piece.

I think both pics turned out well and I'm pretty happy with how they both turned out.  I'm glad I decided to do both versions of this idea because I think they look neat next to each other, which is why I made one entry for two different pieces of art.  :D

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